Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween Violet was a ladybug and Mark was a puppy. Violet had a great time trick or treating and handing out candy. It was pretty chilly but it was still a great time!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gotta keep it quick

Mark just woke up from his nap but so...

We had a great time visiting family, we have friends in town, and hopefully things can get back to normal. Pics to follow.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I can upload text but not pictures from my phone. HEY BLOGGER APP WORK ON IT. Sheesh. I don't have time to upload pics to my computer then upload them to blogger. Don't they know anything. I am so backed up on updates its sad. I want to update more but time is so tough. So here's a short update with out photos, sorry.

She's now 2 going on 35. She can sing her abc's, count to 12. She is eating lots of things I've never tried until I was like 20 (sushi being one of them and she only tried it and it was cooked shrimp in it and now all shrimp is sushi). She says very interesting sentences but they are still sentences. She's great with her brother. She also believes she is a big kid and if there is a big kid at a park she will follow them around.

Mark: He's 5 months. He can sit supported (still working on the sitting thing) but rolling over and over and over! He's eating oatmeal and rice cereal. He's sleeping through the night (from about 8pm till 5am with a feeding at 11pm that we call a dream feed). He has acid reflux which sucks but now that he has medicine he's much happier. He loves his sister and smiles at her all the time. Soon I'm sure they will be fighting over toys and pushing each other so...yeah.

He's almost 30! Heh...He eats lots of things now but particularly enjoys beer everynow and then (wow I'm so funny) but seriously though he confirmed his first confirmand a couple weeks ago and that was cool. Now its on to summer activities at church and a vacation in August. He was bowling over the "school year." He enjoys it and all but I don't really know much about bowling to report. I know he thinks he can do better. But he won some of his bowling money back so thats cool right?

I work at the Bux still. About 24 hours a week. Its busy especially with summer. Nothing too exciting though. I have a group of mom friends I met when Violet was a baby and I see them every now and again. I started a women's bible study which is going well. That's all I got.

Wow we are exciting people. So anyway look for new pics soon. Once I can get both kids to bed and find the camera I've got some good stuff on there. Alright Later peeps.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Going cloth?

I've finally done it. I've purchased and washed the cloth diapers. Once we use up all the disposables we are full time cloth diapering.  I know you are thinking I'm nuts but when I heard that diaper prices were going up I knew I had to figure out something else.

We part time clothed diapered Violet. We ended up stopping when I went back to work and we had to have someone watch her. Then she grew and what we had was too small. So now its on.and we are doing it for realsies.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look I'm updating from my phone

Well, look at that. This might just work. If this does then I can put up some pics.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Its been far too long. I know I should be updating more frequently however life is certainly busy. Baby #2 is here in like 5 weeks or so. I'm starting to get nervous because we aren't ready. With Violet everything was set when I was 5 months pregnant. This time we are flying by the seat of our pants. We still don't even have a name for him yet. And I'm not naming him Walker Texas Ranger...but I digress.

Violet has gotten much bigger since the last picture. I mean she's 20 months old now. She's saying more words every day and starting to put 2 words together. She's doing great otherwise.

Nick is busy as always. With September starting back up and people not on vacations so much he's busy most nights and on the nights he's home I'm working. That will all change very soon.

Once again with another baby I'm on the cloth diapering mission so to speak. We did it part time with Violet when she was small and I wasn't working. We didn't have a lot for a stash so it was something we only did when we were at home. Then she got too big for the diaper covers and we just never bought any more. There are so many options out there for cloth diapering and its not like how it used to be when my mom did it with pins and those rubber pants and what not. It saved us a lot of money and stretched out the diaper supply we had. I never felt like we had to have piles and piles of diapers incase we got close or even ran out because we had a back up plan. I went to a cloth diapering party (its sort of like pampered chef) and got to see up close and personal some of these diapers. I got a few more and I think we are on our way for this time around. Violet is very interested in them and loves to put them on herself over her clothes. She just thinks she's so funny.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


Well life is busy here. Sorry to have neglected our blog but Violet keeps me busy and we are expecting baby #2 in Dec. Stay tuned for further updates!