Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Please don't call PETA

This is how Savannah's Halloween went. It was fun. Nick and I sat on the porch and passed out candy until it was all gone. We ran out by 6:30! There are alot of kids by us. Nick and I didn't dress up (although we wanted to...just never got costumes together) but Savannah was Frankenkitty. She didn't like her little costume. She even had little braclet type things that went around her legs but it was hard enough to get the hat on her. We only left it on her for like 15 min. She seemed pretty miserable. Just enough time for me to get a couple of pictures. Maybe at Christmas she'll let me put reindeer antlers on her! I doubt it.


Pirate Alice said...

that is hysterical!

The Yearyeans said...

That's awesome! The best part is her green-glowing eyes giving you the "I'm-mortified-and-want-to-rip-you-into-shreds" look.