Monday, July 13, 2009

Mom is a crazy hippie

So I know I mentioned switching to cloth diapers and well I haven't fully switched but we've done some part time cloth diapers.  Its going pretty good.  I do like the cloth better than the disposable.  The washing isn't bad as everyone had said it was going to be. I don't have a ton of diapers and we usually use like 3 a day so i am washing like once every 2 days.  But its not so bad. And since its been so nice out I can let them dry on my porch.  The cloth really help if Violet has a rash or a little redness.  It usually goes away pretty quick with the cloth.  Cloth diapers have come a long way since they were used on me.  

This is the first ones we got.  They are Kushies brand, all in ones.  So there is no diaper cover the cloth is all built right in.  The only bad thing about t
hese is that they take forever to dry.  They also velcro shut but there isn't velcro on the other side of the tab so you have to position them just right. 

Here's the happy girl in her Kushies diaper.  She's a little on the small side here but she now fits in them a little better now that she put on some weight.

This diaper is more like the old school diapers.  They call them prefolds and they can either be put on with diaper pins or a fancy tool called a Snappi.  Its a rubbery y shaped thing that has teeth on the 3 ends and grips the diaper on with out having to use the pins.  Or depending on the type of diaper cover you can just fold them and insert them into the pocket.  Both ways work really well and these I like the best.  They absorb more and don't leak ever.  

This is a close up of the diaper cover.  We only have two covers this one with the cute flowers and then one with frogs on it.  I forgot to take pictures of that one.  

I'm so happy in my cute diaper

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Miss J-Dub said...

Mom is not a crazy hippie...yet (it could still happen.) Miss Violet is so cute in that last picture.