Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's already July?!

Wow, its been one LOOOONG weekend. We were up in WI for a friend's graduation party and another friend's wedding (Pictures will be up soon). It was a lot of fun visiting with old friends and catching up. But boy am I tired. I am glad we got to visit but one night we were all up until 4:30 am talking. I used to do that sort of thing in College...but now I need my sleep.

So anyway, I do miss Wisconsin. I miss school too. They are changing a bunch of stuff at school. They are fixing the bluff so that you could actually walk down by the lake. It should be beautiful when its done but right now everything is torn up and you can't go and see any of it. It was also awesome to visit with the Schmidt family. I love spending time with them. They are my second family. Amy's wedding was beautiful. We didn't stay the whole time mostly because we didn't know many people and Amy was pretty busy. But that was very good. We also stayed by my sister's house and got to spend some time there.

So now we are back and things are getting down to the wire! Nick talked to the supervising pastor about moving in and all that important stuff. He also talked to his parents who are helping with the big move and now we have an official move out (and in) date. August 10th! We will then be in IL that day. Things are becoming more bittersweet. I've just gotten used to my job and St. Louis. I've made some friends and I've been involved in things here BUT I am excited to do something different and have things be kind of how they will be when Nick graduates. Its sad to leave but exciting to be somewhere new. So now on to packing...the ever tedious task. I don't know where to start or what boxes to pack things in. I need to obtain more boxes because I know we don't have enough. I might have to hit up the grocery store. I'd also like some more rubbermaid containers. So thats job #1 for this weekend...with a little bit of pool time.

This may be it until we get to IL. I'm sure that time will come faster than I know. This summer has already flown by!

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