Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Storm Update

We have power again. Our power came back on Saturday morning. Nick and I left St. Louis and went to my sister's in Chicago. It was too hot and gross to not have even a fan running. So we got out of here. We are fine and everything is ok. Power seems to be back up for most of the city, there are only (yeah its still alot) like 150,000 still with out power but its a big improvement. I do think that St. Louis as a city handled the crisis pretty well. Businesses with out power were open and able to just do cash transactions. Walgreens helped people get perscriptions and escorted them through the dark stores with flash lights. The only major problems we had were with the refridgerator. We did loose some groceries but nothing too important. We have a bit of a mess to clean up in the kitchen. I'll be including pictures of the damage in our area a bit later. It seems that blogger is having problems.


Mocha said...

Glad you are all right. Just checking in on ya! ;-)

Karen Gomez said...

Remember, if you need to leave anything behind for a year, I have basement space!