Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The New Begining

Well, it’s Wednesday of my first week as vicar. I have finished my first sermon which I will be giving in Church on Sunday. I have met our members at the local nursing home, and this afternoon I will be going with pastor to the County Jail for a visit there. I have also started working on devising a Bible Study to start the week after Labor Day, set up a time to talk with the guy in charge of the youth group, and have started working on my evangelism module for this year. I have my own office with a desk and computer; I use my laptop though when possible to allow myself to bring things home if I need it at hand. I wouldn’t say I’m stressed, just that I’ve been hit with an overwhelming sense of responsibility. I don’t know that I feel completely comfortable yet, but I know that will come with a little more time here. Please keep Sam and me in your prayers, as we start this new chapter in our lives.


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