Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ch ch changes....correction

Well I was using Photosite for my pictures. I really liked the albums and all the pretty effects and stuff I could do with it. I really enjoyed using it. But I learned today that they are closing their site. I've decided to cut my losses and all the time I spent creating photo albums with music and stuff...I AM switching to flickr and I will be posting more pictures there. I'm really bummed out. It won't be as pretty and as many albums. (Flickr only allows 3 free albums to non paying customers. I may pay to have more later) I am going to update the link as soon as I post this blog.

On a different note...HOLY COW!!!! 25 days till we move. I am so not ready....I'd better get packing.


Pirate Alice said...

You say you are "not switching to flickr" But you're going to post more pictures there?


La Cabeza Grande said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Day, Day, Day!

A little birdie says it so it must be true. Smiles all around and enjoy your weekend!