Sunday, July 08, 2007

One month and counting

Well the Buchholz's had a pretty good July 4th and week. A good friend of ours from CUW came to the booming metropolis of Geneseo for a visit. Being a crazy group of kids we went to Chicago on July 3rd for the big fireworks. That was a lot of fun! We hit up some other sites in the city, Michigan Ave, Millennium Park to see the infamous Bean, and then down to the Taste of Chicago where pretty much everyone and their uncle came to the city for. And ended the night with some fireworks. Good times had by all. We cooked out on the 4th and watched fireworks on TV (apparently in the Quad Cities area people do fireworks on the 3rd or on the Friday after. Not sure why) and then watched some movies we rented. It was a great time. And now back to the grindstone for a few weeks before we move. I'm freaked out a bit about the move. I have so much to do and so little time. We move in about a month. I am sure I can get it all done by then! We'll see... Here are some pictures from the week!

Nick, Sam, and Erin in the reflection of the BEAN!

WhoooHooo Fireworks!!!

Nick and I at the Park

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