Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Its not about baking cookies

I am taking a class at the seminary. Well its a "women's class" so to speak. They offer free classes (some do have fees) to the women (staff, students wives, or deaconess students) during the quarter. Some classes are more intellectual than others. Like one of the more popular classes with the sem guys is a class on Revelations with Dr. Gibbs. He offers that class for the women on tuesday nights.

Well this being the last quarter one of the classes that is being offered that I am taking is called Partnership in the Gospel. Its a class for wives/fiances of the MDiv guys and mostly we talk about what to expect and how do deal with stress and what not. On the first day we talked about how many people thought the class was on making sure that your house was spotless at all times and that you have cookies ready if anyone visits. And how unrealistic that is. Its just good to network and talk with people who are going through similar things. Tonight is another class. It should be fun.

So in other news, I just wanted to share this video. Maron was a friend of mine from grade school. She's now a Christian Artist. Its pretty cool.

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