Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No one ever offered me coffee before!

So CA has made a ruling on tips that Starbucks baristas recieve. And Howard had this to say about the ruling. So as a "shift supervisor" this is what I have to say. In all reality I am just a barista that counts money. There are many baristas that make more than I do right now because they have been with the company longer. Tips vary from store to store. My old store averaged about 50 cents an hour for tips per week. At my new store we get almost $2 an hour per week. I need any extra money that I get with the cost of gas going up and what not. And as far as being a "supervisor" that is a very loose term. I am responsible for more but I'm not paid that much more than the baristas (in fact its only a whopping $1 an hour more). I have no athority. I would imagine that most baristas would agree that shifts deserve that money too. We are only there to help out our partners and taking that little extra away would really hurt us. I am sure the courts don't realize what shifts acutally do. We are just glorified baristas.

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