Monday, March 24, 2008


We are now down to the daily count for call day. Its crazy that its only 29 days away. It felt like it would take forever and now its almost here. This weekend we even went shopping for call day outfits. I have a very cute dress! I am getting nervous about it though. I mean the excited sort of nervous. I am looking forward to settling down and staying somewhere. I am also looking forward to not working 800 hours. I've never looked forward to a move so much. The only bad part is we have to start packing. I am a little concerned that we'll find out on the 22nd that we need to be there like May 30th or something. It will be a fast pack up for us so I want to start a little earlier then.

Our Easter was pretty uneventful. We went to church at St. James in University City then we went out for brunch...then we came home Nick played video games while I worked on crocheting a blanket...Its almost finished. OH and we had snow! Its nuts. It didn't stick or anything but there were some pretty big flakes coming down. That was pretty much it.

Now its downhill to call day! I am so excited.

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