Friday, April 18, 2008

He's Certifiable...wait no CERTIFIED!!!

Its official. Nick is certified!

Dear Nicholas, Brother in Christ:

I am very happy to let you know that the faculty of Concordia Seminary has ( to use the formal language) now expressed its satisfaction that you will meet all personal, professional, and theological requirements for the office of ordained minister, declare you to be of entry level competency and qualified for a first call, and recommend you, subject to the satisfactory completion of the appropriate course of studies, your receipt of a Theological Diploma or Certificate, and your receipt and acceptance of a call assigned to you by the Board of Assignments.

We praise God for his work in your life, and we rejoice with you as you move closer to service as a pastor in our church. May the Lord keep you safe and joyful as you complete your studies and prepare to serve.

Cordially in the Risen Christ,

Dr. Jeff Gibbs

Only 4 more days till call day. Still no word on a call or even if we'll still be call pending. Its an exciting time though either way. We can't wait to find out God's plan for our ministry!

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