Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Starting to Think St. Louis Wants Us to Leave!

Back in July of 2006...actually on July 19th 2006 there was a bad storm that came through St. Louis and knocked the power out for like the entire city and some people were with out power for a week. There were a number of tornadoes. Then on my birthday(July 20th) it was like 103 (before the heat index) and not having power made for a crappy birthday. So we fled to Chicago for that weekend.

This winter in St. Louis was more active than the other winter we spent here. LHM closed a total of 3 days and most schools in the area used all their snow days and have to stay later into the summer this year. Very unexpected for us since the winter of 06 was very mild...and maybe it snowed once that year.

I am starting to suspect that St. Louis wants us out.

So at 4:30 this morning I woke up. Initially I thought it was just because the last 3 days I've been opening at Starbucks but then I heard the windows rattling and the bed was moving. An earthquake wasn't the thought on my mind. I thought a train was going by. But what is funny about that is that we don't live anywhere near a train track. The windows have never rattled before because of a "train." What was I thinking? Meanwhile Nick is snoring away unaware that anything had occurred.

So if anything goes wrong today or in the next couple days the entire city of St. Louis has the earthquake to blame it on. I also hope that we don't get a call to St. Louis because I would hate to see what the city would do next. It must know that I'm a Cubs fan.

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