Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Know You're a Seminarian If..

This was one of the articles in the seminary's student paper. Some of them were pretty funny and I thought I'd share.

* You ask for your vicarage location to be based on where you want to go on vacation.
* You used vicarage to justify a new car purchase
* You have more than three brands of beer in your refrigerator.
* You do not complete you assigned readings but you pick up free books by the mail boxes
* Last year, you read thousands of pages, memorized hundreds of facts, wrote dozens of papers, translated ancient Greek and Hebrew text, and you still feel dumb.
* You know at least ten couple expecting a baby this year.
* Part of your attraction to your wife/girlfriend is the fact that she knows how to differentiate between the two types of righteousness.
* You think a leather-bound copy of Luther's Small Catechism would make a great gift.
And my most favorite....
* Conception suddenly becomes a result of "something in the water."

Well with knowing AT LEAST 10 couples expecting this year there must be!

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